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Pura was founded in 2008 but their idea was ahead of its time. They saw a lot of puzzled faces in their early talks with parents. “So what if a juvenile bottle only works at one stage of life?”, “Who cares about plastic lids, spouts, and collars?”, and “Isn’t BPA-free plastic safe?”.

As parents themselves they knew that nothing is more important than the safety of their little ones – and nothing is more wasteful than constantly discarding bottles as one’s child matures. They conceived a better way and giving up has never been in their vocabulary.  They made mistakes but redoubled their efforts. They listened to their customers and continually improved their products and the unique benefits they deliver.

Parents, pediatricians and even politicians started to take notice and they are humbled to have been recognized with 39 independent awards including a citation from the US House of Representatives  as well as more than 30 patents.  Along the way we became a real company but they have never taken a penny of investment from outsiders because they will never compromise their mission.

Parents “get it” – there is no place for plastic in anybody’s mouth, durable repurposed products are infinitely better for our environment and much more cost-effective than buying new bottles every couple of months. And, isn’t it cool to be able to build and customize your bottle daily?

They are proud that their products are now sold by leading retailers in more than forty countries. But their journey has just begun – and they have many more products coming soon. As always everything you see from Pura is unique to Pura because they design each and every product to be the best in its category.

When you know better you do better!

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